Full Moon Emptiness

Grey shards of memories, generate resembling images, Whether I like it or not, My mind thinks Logically.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What is God?

What is World?

What is Mind?

What makes Matter Conscious?

What is Suchness referred to by Buddhists?
What is Atman referred to by Hindus?
What is Tao referred to by Taoists?
What is God referred to by All those who follow one discipline or the other?

Is it just an Illusion?
Or Is it reality?

Is the world really a Reflexive machine responding to actions?
Is everything definable by Analyzing the mechanisms which occur?
Or is there a Motive, a purpose behind all that takes place or happens to happen in this World?

A quest that attracted Human Race all the time starts from Nothingness and ends in Nothingness.

A spurt of life and a speck of dust
But not the grief that rises from lust
Hampers my progress and us above all
Does it all that life offers,
A Distant light and an Invisible wall?

I search My Identity
for so long
Whithered is my Soul
running with the Throng

Hope remains still ethereal
and a quest that prolongs that, what is essential

I seek peace that never will I find
I seek life that never meant to be mine

Trying to escape fate but never will I
Deceiving myself that it always passed by

The grass is still green, but always on the next hill
Giving me hope to crawl, until the world is still

Sometimes boring poems do have some meaning
And but Of course Great Songs seldom lack it !

Thanks for your patience, but the poem will never end.
Mind is an Illision.

Attachment is Suffering.
Ignorance is Bliss.
Wisdom is Prescient Selfishness.
Knowledge is Silence underlying a Shouting Cause.
Ruthlessness is a Virtue.
Power is the Primary Motive behind the existance of human life.
Truth is Crooked reflection of Reality mistified by Perceptions.
Strength resides in What makes you Weak the earliest.
Humanity is Unconscious Piety.
Value is a Distorted Expectation from Oneself.
Appearances are Always Deceiving.
Righteousness is the most biased thing in this world.

Behind every act of compassion lies a Dark motive.
Behind every act of aggression lies a true Recognition of a Weak soul within.
Behind every act of surrender there is a Conscious Fear and an Unconscious Rage.

Hatred binds a man more firmly to his Destiny than Nature.
Cruelty is Authenticating Disrespect of oneself.
Slavery of oneself is the cost of Freedom.

Thinking is what makes us Human.
Thinking is what restricts us as Humans.

It is sometimes good to Act than Wait, but it is always Better to Think than Wait.

The World is Reality.
Let Us Face it Without Involving in It.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I am writing this for the sake of curious question that Harshal asked me.
I really do not know. I believe that there is nothing called God existing in this world. I refuse to accept God's presence. I feel that makes us weak. The idea of someone ruling us without our own consciousness or limited senses makes me truly Helpless.
Perhaps that is the only reason I refuse to accept such an Idea.
But, but when we live as human beings in this world, and consider ourselves responsible for the world that we live in, we grow in, there are more than one occasions, actually a plenty, when we do feel helpless.
Atleast for a moment or two we feel utterly helpless in the hands of circumstances, and we can not change this world at that instant.
What should we do then?
I do not know.
The agony creeps in crushing my spirit at those times. Really.
Some things never change however hard you wish them to. Some things do however hard you try to keep them unchanged.

And I feel an urge to seek someones help. Someone who is not an external to me, but whom I pray to come up from within. Who shall pull me out of exactly that feeling of helplessness due to which I accepted to refuse God.

And I pray. I pray to myself. I ask myself to help me, but I am not the one whom I am referring to. It is something too complex to put in words. More than words that I am referring to. But it works. It helps me to counter the wrath of my own self, to pull out of my own cobwebs of Dark memories.

So I pray, and the entity to whom I pray I am compelled to refer to as God since there is no other name given to such a phenomenon. No other apt name other than God.

So I pray to God, not to whom who is without and external but to whom who rests within, and who drives me from within.

I hope I have answered your question, Harshal.
I fear I have not.

It seems the paradoxes will never leave me alone.

It seems the world is full of them.

Making me pray again.

P.S.: Thanks Harshal and Ashutosh for their valuable comments. Do provide with such enriching feedback.

Provoke me to think, I am yielding to the pressures, not from outside, but from within.