Full Moon Emptiness

Grey shards of memories, generate resembling images, Whether I like it or not, My mind thinks Logically.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had a dream last night.

Usually I don't remember any of them but this was an exception.
There is no rule without an exception.

I was on a mountain top. Sitting still. All around me was a deep valley.
The place was maybe Leh, maybe in Alps may be not on this Planet. I do not know that.
The curious thing was that I was playing a guitar and was singing a beautiful song.
The music was melodious, so was the wind flowing.
I was smiling. Without any fear of falling down I was smiling.
This was curious.
This was strange.

Perhaps we can enjoy this moment the most if we understand that this could be our last moment, our last breath, our last chance to enjoy life.
Life is hard and soft at the same time.
Understand the nature. Understand the change. Understand the moment.
Life is always true, always divine.
We lack the focus and the courage to accept the change.
That makes all the difference.
I change as the time flows by
So does the wind
I grow as the time flows by
So does the divine tree
I learn as the time flows by
So does the enriched soul
I ask myself who are you?
The questions pass so do the answers
It is good to be a human being
It is better to be a Humane human being
It is best to be Humble Humane Human being
The time flows by as I stand on the river bank of it
Contemplating the answers which I perceive
And believe me believe me
" They change like colors from a sparkling diamond "
It is true.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

At all times the mind never stops thinking!
It is the minds privilage to do so.
Try to concentrate on the next thought that comes to your mind.
What is it?
Just wait and try to feel it evolve!
How does it feel?


I can say that you never had any thought!

It is the mind that generates the thoughts!
It needs references for all that it thinks!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I wake up early. It has been my practice for last 10 years. At exactly 4:00am my dreams vanish. Afterall they are just dreams. I cannot remember a single dream. Why does that happen? I prefer to have a cup of milk after that. But I never get any. Instead I have two cups of tea. I prefer to exercise for half an hour but never do so. So many discripancies in the flow of life and though I can not remove them. What can be the reason? It is life.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I go to desert. Scorching heat takes toll on tiny sand particles. I pick up one in my hand. He says ,"Thank you!" I ask him," What makes you say that?" He says ,"It was my duty to"
I ask," Who told you that this is your duty? It was my duty to help at least one if not all to help" He says," What made you think that? Once you help me you deny right of the others of compassion."I say," It is life."
Why we try to judge others?
It is the only thing we do in our life. Judging, criticizing, differentiating, labeling, factoring and ridiculing perhaps. All the time.
What is the motive behind this? Do we really need to think?
Can we live without thinking from the past or of the future?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We live our lives as we want them to be lived.
The only catch is that we do not realize that we have made the choice.
Understanding why you make the choice is living the life.
We cannot shun the responsibility so easily. It is denial of the choice of your heart.
Sun rises the way he likes, so does the earth rotates.
A flower blossoms for the sake of beauty, it does not need any excuse.
Ask a butterfly why do you fly and the reply will be sweet hum of its wings.
So is the life we live and so does it goes with this blog.
Do think what you read, because it is your nature to think if you choose to.