Full Moon Emptiness

Grey shards of memories, generate resembling images, Whether I like it or not, My mind thinks Logically.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let Me Breath

Let me breath all the air that belongs to me
'Cause my belief in righteousness of thee
Let me take a deep breath
Let me fill my lungs with life
Let me open my eyes
Let me create my world again
For the last time

The air is too fetid to sing
And I can't keep aghast so long
The illusion must die fast
Or let me strangle it at last
I crush the flower and call it a day
'Cause I can't foresee my own way

I want to fall again
But this time I want to have the pain
I beg for your hidden cruelty, your meek majesty
It is better than perverse piety, or even oblong obscenity
To sense the impending death alive again
With a heavy breath to revive again
With your eyes wide open and your mind closed
Helping this soul to fly again

I want to feel the magnanimity
And the youthful joviality
And the versatile morality
And the succumbed serendipity
And the verbose animosity
And the sober fecundity
And all that I can breath
When I live in this fraudulent society
And call upon myself flexible mediocrity

Oh please! let me breathe for last time
How eager I am to pretend too sublime


  • At 6:13 AM , Blogger Prince said...

    I read my blog... after 8 whole months.. and I liked the poem which I had written then... :D its funny feeling... and I came back here because Ashutosh asked me about this blog... thanks Ashutosh...


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