Full Moon Emptiness

Grey shards of memories, generate resembling images, Whether I like it or not, My mind thinks Logically.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Someone said I am alive
Saying it again and again
I am alive
I am saying it with convection
Over falsified presumptions
Of a Teutonic enthrall
With covenant of panic
I say I am alive

As we lie beneath the stars
and as the dewdrops form cover us all
And I feel the growing distrust
Of the life that sings a swansong
All along

A push to the stars
and a pull on the water
and a straight blow
consumes whats left
even a president can fix it now
With nothing but broken records
What if its too late now
If I was then I would leave
But I am still very much alive

Yes I am alive
I am alive